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Check/Item Processing

Provider of credit union share draft clearing services in Wisconsin

WISCUB Service Center pays for the full cash letter presentment

Credit union is furnished with a balanced cash letter

Extensive back office support provided by WISCUB Service Center

Remote Deposit  Capture (RDC)

Scan outgoing cash letter and create a digital deposit

Multiple daily deposits

Simplified 5-step software platform

Immediate online image access

Online image access for 7 years

RDC Plus

Business members remote digital deposit

Member mobile deposit file capabilities


Online viewing of members’ check images

Online image access for 7 years

WebView Plus

Members view their check images via credit union’s online banking

Money Market Account

Earn interest on the dollars held with WISCUB Service Center/Cleveland State Bank 

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Easy Access to Electronic Monthly Statements

Official Checks

Clear official checks through your credit union share draft program

Adds both cost savings and convenience

Certificates of Deposit

Investment opportunity for credit unions

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